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About Anthony Hair Centre

With the wide range of styling options offered at Hair Centre, it just doesn't make sense to go anywhere else to get your hair done.  Whether you are looking for a typical hair-cut, sharpening up for a job interview or your graduation, or a complete professional styling for your wedding, our stylists will be able to provide exactly what you are looking for with as little hassle as possible.  The professional stylists here at Hair Centre are very experienced in transferring the ideas from your head back to your head; you will always get just what you wanted, we guarantee it!


Our general services include a wide variety of hair stylizations to fit any occasion.  We offer perms to help maintain a bouncy and light curl in your hair in addition to our normal hair cuts and stylings.  We also provide coloring services to add a degree of excitement and eccentricity to your image.  In addition to our typical services, we offer special stylings for all manner of events: prom, graduation, job interviews, weddings, and many more.  No matter what you are looking to have done to your hair, it can most certainly be accomplished at Hair Centre.


We use only the finest products on your hair, with brands such as Joico, AG, ISO, Redken, and Goldwell.  We are confident that these products will keep your hair healthy and beautiful, and the variety will provide you with enough options to satisfy even the most unique hair needs.  All of our products are also available for you to purchase so you may continue to maintain your hair in between visits.  We recommend these products as high-quality hair care products, and guarantee that you will be satisfied with them.


Our ranged and dynamic price structure allows for you to pay as little as possible while receiving as much as possible.  If your hair styling is unique and complex, we will work with you to figure out all of the details.  We want to be sure that you think of us when you think of your hair.  To you, your hair is just another part of your life; to us, it is our life.  It is important to us that your hair is as healthy and stylish as possible, and we can only ensure that if you come to us for all of your hair care needs.

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